Chichukaimura(地中海村) in Mie


Hi, everybody ! How was your weekend??  2weeks ago I could get 2days off, so I went to Mie prefecture. Now that,I’ll introduce about Mie tourist spots several successive times. Today I’ll talk about a Chichuukaimura (地中海村) do you know there? This is in Shima city where we can go from Osaka three hours  by car.

Surprisingly, Chichuukaimura is as big as two Tokyo domes. What do you think this place is, amusement park, filming spot, or something? That’s wrong! This is a hotel!! You can stay here from 27000 yen but depends on the day.


Firstly,  there was a sweet fountain like you find in European country as soon as I entered this area. This place is I’d feel as if I were in Spain;) I could forget I was in Japan. I like everywhere in this area, but my most favorite spot is behind the restaurant. There are some deck chairs with parasols.


The ocean spread out before my eyes. I can feel the sea breeze and soak up the sun. I could relax here, I want to go again:) Anyway you should try going there at least once!!


Ps: you don’t need entrance fee in case of visiting:) and I recommend you go there on weekdays because of not crowded.

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  1. 建物の白と空のブルーにオレンジ調の屋根やタイルの組み合わせがとても素敵です。まさに、日本にいるとは思えないオススメスポットですね。三重にこんなところがあったとは知りませんでした。

  2. Wow, the weather was perfect, wasn’t it?
    I’d love to visit there someday.
    Keep up the great posts!!

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