2 Extravagant gift

In Japan each family owns a family crest, which represents the lineage, heritage and status of each family.  The beautifully decorated Shibusawa family crest can be found throughout the memorial site in the form of a Kashiwa Oak tree leaf on the stunning stained glass feature window and ceramic plates.  It is artwork that would leave any modern-day craftsperson breathless in rapture.


The wooden cottage is hidden within a grove of trees and displays a delightfully chic yet harmonious blend of East and West in the use of chestnut wood materials.  The cottage was custom built and although only contains one room, it was evidently completed with great care and detailed thought in its ample space and at-home furnishings, including the charming fireplace and window frames.  The cottage is a perfect replica of a sophisticated and luxurious resort villa.


For further details, please visit the Shibusawa Memorial Museum website;